Sleep Better with Binaural Beats

A very common struggle that my readers have is with sleep. Struggles switching with relaxing and switching off from the stresses of the day can be hard to deal with. Binaural Music is an effective way to relax the mind, get to sleep quickly, and have a better quality sleep.

How to use Binaural Beats for Sleep

Whenever you are listening to Binaural Beats, it is crucial that you use headphones for them to be effective. My personal recommendation are headband style headphones as you can sleep with it on without it bothering you.

Steps for getting to sleep quickly:

  1. If you have a lot on your mind, try to quickly write it down so that you can contemplate it when you wake up, rather than when you are trying to sleep.
  2. Start up one of the beats listed below, and try to get in your normal sleeping position. This should help you to feel comfortable, and not need to roll around.
  3. If you find your mind is wandering, try to focus on something very specific. This could be the feeling of your breath entering and leaving your body, or the sounds you are hearing, or it could just be noticing the feeling of your skin touching the blankets. It doesn’t matter too much what you focus on, the point is to get you away from your thoughts.
  4. Allow your self you relax, try not to engage with your thoughts. If you find that the music is putting you into a state of meditation then you should find that sleep will follow shortly after.

What happens to my mind when I listen to this music?

The frequency of the beats that play to your mind affect the frequency of your brainwaves. When you sleep, your brainwaves are delta waves in the .5-3Hz range, and theta waves in the 3-8Hz range, so these are the ranges of Binaural tones that you should listen to.

I recommend listing to waves in the 3-5Hz range. These waves will bring deep relaxation, and are the same range experienced during different phases of sleep.

Quality of Sleep

As well as short tracks that help you fall asleep, there are also tracks that are 8-9 hours long that are designed to be played for your full sleep. These can help your brainwaves to stay in the state of deep sleep, and is very useful if you are a light sleeper, or if you have issues with waking up in the night.

Various studys have found that using binaural beats can put you into a deeper state of sleep, which helps with healing and rejuvination of the body. As you get older you spend less time in this state, which can have a detrimental effect on the body and mind.


Listening to music can work as a natural alternative, and many people have found that it helped them with their insomnia. Due to the way it syncs your brainwaves with a frequency of your normal sleeping state, you naturally will progress into a sleep.

While it is possible to stay awake while listening to beats, if you follow the instructions above on how to use beats for sleep, I’m sure you will get positive results!


Any decent headphones can be used, but you will find that you get a better experience from good quality headphones, especially while sleeping. When I first started using beats to help with my sleep I would often wake up because my headphones were uncomfortable. At the time I was using Bose headphones which were very comfortable, but while sleeping you do need something small and unobtrusive to ensure your sleep is not disrupted.

I am currently using the Acousticsheep Sleepphones. These are quality headphones, which are very comfortable to sleep in. Since I have been using these I have not had any issues wearing them for a full nights sleep as they are very comfortable. Check them out here SleepPhones Wireless

I also like the look of the Bedphones. They are not a headband style, they are similar to normal headphones. They look very popular and are very well reviewed, so i will be getting some soon to try out.


Free Beats

This first beat is my go to at the moment. It is very relaxing, just 30 minutes long which is easily long enough to put me to sleep.

Piano track with a binaural beat. Starts off quite loud but fades a bit, and slows down to a very relaxing tune.

If you find the ocean relaxing, then this beat is for you. Just like staying at a house by the beach, except it is designed to put you to sleep!

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